My name is Matt Miller and I love mountain biking!


I grew up in the family business, and started building, repairing and selling bikes when I was 11 years old. I started MTB racing in 2001, which led to a long pursuit at being a pro racer. After a few years struggling for my big break, I decided to go to university to study Exercise Science so I could learn how to ride better.

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Eventually, I found I was better at learning and applying information than racing. This led to me coaching a number of athletes, and ultimately deciding to pursue my PhD focused on aspects of MTB descending performance.

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During my PhD, we invented a brake power meter, and I have spent the last several years trying to understand everything about braking during MTB. Now we’re bringing it to the people, and it’s super exciting! 🙂

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I still ride and race, and love nothing more than rooty, rocky trails!



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