How to have the coolest fixed gear for commuting

Back in 2005-2010 I was training really hard. We'd regularly do 20-hour weeks of cycling in the nasty conditions of the Pennsylvania winter roads, which meant many many kilometers in bike-wrecking, ice-melting road chemicals. Only the true crazies were the ones riding their nice bikes in those conditions, however, my squad on our fixed gear... Continue Reading →

Anthem Advanced 27.5 1 Review

Bikes are a big investment and a major commitment. I mean, you pick one, then you're stuck with it--it has to be the right one. It has to ride well, be just the right weight, look cool, and do everything you ask it to. I used to blog a lot, and year after year my... Continue Reading →

How to avoid blowing up in MTB racing

In 2005, I was the king of blowing up. In our local mountain bike XC series, top racers from the Trek/VW and Cannondale teams used to show up every week scattered amongst other super fast dudes; I could start with the best of them, but couldn't finish with them. In our weekly interval training sessions,... Continue Reading →

Why critical power is important and how we test it

One of the main benefits of using a power meter in your training is the ability to track fitness throughout the season and across multiple seasons. While scientists have traditionally relied on laboratory measures of various metabolic thresholds, our lives were made much easier with the development of the functional threshold power (FTP) field test.... Continue Reading →

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