Talking MTB on the radio!

It was a great honor to be able to talk about braking and mountain biking on the radio. You can check it out here:   Some of the things I mentioned can also be found in these: RESEARCH PRESENTATION: The utilisation of a bicycle brake power meter for cross-country mountain biking World’s first MTB braking... Continue Reading →

New Training Plans Added!

Have just finished uploading several new training plans...with more in the works! *Check them out here* And don't forget to check out these helpful articles below. Have been loving the feedback on the articles--it's been very inspiring! Why You NEED to Get Fat in the Off-Season This is Why Mountain Bikers Should Be Doing Plyometric... Continue Reading →

The EuroBike hangover…

Travelling from NZ to Europe is not easy. I highly don't recommend the trip on a regular basis. Getting to EuroBike looked like this: Palmerston North, NZ->Auckland, NZ->Shanghai, China->Frankfurt, Germany->Friedrichshafen, Germany->cab to the hotel in Bregenz Austria. ~48 hours all up. Got to the hotel at 1am and was up early to head to my... Continue Reading →


In just a few days I'll be making the trek from NZ to Freidrichshaffen, Germany for the EuroBike trade show. Trade shows are exhausting, but exciting! This will be my fourth major international trade show in the last year. I've been fortunate enough to see the future of bikes, and am happy to be involved :)... Continue Reading →

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