Consultation & Coaching


Consultations for Bicycle Brake Companies and Cycling Teams

I’ve consulted with a number of bicycle brake companies and pro riders based on my experience with the brake power meter. Please contact for more information.

Fitness Coaching

Premium coaching services, training plans and consultation for all types of off-road cyclists. Drawing on 15+ years of racing experience, including several at the elite level. Evidence-based theory and execution based on experience.

Monthly Coaching

This option is suited for an athlete who has an already regimented daily schedule, whether beginner or pro, and seeks periodized guidance within a training plan. Training is 100% custom designed around your goals and is built to suit you each month. Training is reviewed monthly. Contact with Matt is available by phone or email once per month. $200/month. Contact to discuss.

Platinum Coaching

These are for the dedicated athlete or travelling professional rider who needs greater flexibility or desires the highest level of guidance. You don’t have to be pro, just willing to develop an open coach-athlete relationship. This option includes an open communication channel with Matt at any time, complete flexibility and adjustment of the training schedule at any time, and daily review of training. $400/month. Contact to discuss.

Training plans

These plans give you proven training formulas and leave it to you to follow it. These are great to those new to training or who need a little more guidance, but prefer not to have a full-time coach. Especially effective when combined with a consultation. View plans in the link below!
>->->->->->->-View plans here

Fitness Consultation

Sometimes it’s good to just check with a coach to discuss what you’re doing and what you might be able to improve. Great for if you already have a coach, if you don’t need a coach, or if you want to combine it with a training plan. Discussion topics often include: types of training for different events, review of current training, pacing strategies, and race-day nutrition. Includes a Skype or phone and follow-up written report. $120/hour. Contact to discuss.
Please contact for more info, I’d love to chat about what’s best for you!

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