Fitness Coaching

Premium coaching services, training plans and consultation for all types of off-road cyclists. Drawing on 10+ years of racing experience, including several at the elite level. Evidence-based theory and execution based on experience.
PhD (confirmed), Sport and Exercise Science, Massey University, NZ
Thesis: Quantification of negative work rates and energy expenditure in mountain biking
MS, Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University, USA
Thesis: The predictive validity of critical power and the lactate threshold for mountain bike race performance
BS, Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University, USA

Platinum Training Plans:

These are for the dedicated athlete. You don’t have to be pro, just willing to develop an open coach-athlete relationship.

Unlimited contact.

$USD 250/month

This is for the more social or spontaneous rider looking for some guidance. I evaluate past training and determine needs for future, with written report
Many people may choose to do this on a regular basis
$USD 100/hour
Training plans
These plans give you proven training formulas and leave it to you to follow it. These are great to those new to training or who need a little more guidance. Especially effective when combined with Consultation. View plans in the link below!
>->->->->->->-View plans here
Please contact for more info, I’d love to chat about what’s best for you.

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