Performance Advantage Podcast

We have learned a lot about sports science over the years, so Dr Will O'Connor and I have been doing a podcast since the start of 2019. The goal of the Performance Advantage Podcast is to give you information so that you can help yourself perform better. We often have special pro athlete guest and... Continue Reading →

9 Days of FREE Indoor MTB Training

I have just released a FREE plan that includes 9 days of training! All the workouts can be either synced with your smart training or done inside. We use these exact same workouts with beginner to World Cup athletes around the world! Use this code below to get a 100% discount on this plan: RIDESMARTINSIDE... Continue Reading →

Smart MTB Training Workout Videos

Prescribing strength or flexibility work to mountain bikers is TOUGH. How do I do actually do it? What does this photo mean? Is it this or that? I've tried photos, just words, a combination, explanations, etc., but nothing has been perfect. Riders need to do these movements safely and effectively--all in one place. These new... Continue Reading →

Coast more to ride faster

Riding down hills is hard. Not only is mountain biking down hills really physical, but you need to brake at the right places, handle some gnarly terrain, pick the best lines, and pump and flow if you want to go fast. There's a lot to think about and there's a lot for your body to... Continue Reading →

How does braking affect your corner speed?

At the mountain bike world championships in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, Claudio Calouri and Rob Warner were talking a lot about braking. Riders who appeared to do too much braking went visually more slowly than riders with a "good" braking strategy. And of course, this was apparent in race times. More often than not the riders who... Continue Reading →

Jimmy Smith signs with MTB PhD

2017 US Enduro Series Champion to be coached by Dr. Matt Miller of MTB PhD In 2017, Jimmy Smith stormed onto the US Enduro scene, winning the overall IMBA Enduro Series in only his first year racing. His strong background in BMX saw that he was able to adapt really quickly to the technical demands... Continue Reading →

Talking MTB on the radio!

It was a great honor to be able to talk about braking and mountain biking on the radio. You can check it out here:   Some of the things I mentioned can also be found in these: RESEARCH PRESENTATION: The utilisation of a bicycle brake power meter for cross-country mountain biking World’s first MTB braking... Continue Reading →

New Training Plans Added!

Have just finished uploading several new training plans...with more in the works! *Check them out here* And don't forget to check out these helpful articles below. Have been loving the feedback on the articles--it's been very inspiring! Why You NEED to Get Fat in the Off-Season This is Why Mountain Bikers Should Be Doing Plyometric... Continue Reading →

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