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The brake power meter was developed initially as a way to understand MTB performance better. It quickly became clear that this product and its solution was a tool that riders needed.

Most of the braking recommendations in MTB are based on convention and tradition, but our brake power meter automatically crunches the data for you and takes away the guesswork.

Just like power meters and the ShockWiz,the brake power meter will revolutionize your MTB experience by giving you feedback on your braking and telling you what you can do to ride smoother and have more fun.


  • No commercially available tool in any segment of cycling to offer feedback on rider ability outside of fitness
  • Limited electronics available that are relevant to rider performance in the gravity segment
  • Raw braking data analysis is complicated and difficult to compare between riders

Project Aims

  • Contribute to the future of a fully connected, downloadable and analysable ride
  • Simplify braking data so it is easy to understand and analyse
  • Quantify a rider’s skill & performance and provide framework for improvement
  • Offer a tool for skills coaches to operate more effectively and remotely



  • Worked on multiple form factors of brake power meter (instrumented rotor, spacer design)
  • Tested various methods for angular velocity (accelerometer, magnetometer, GPS)
  • Trialed brake pressure sensors


  • Created and validated the FlowScore as a single metric to make braking performance comparable between, 1) two riders riding together on a given trail, 2) between different sessions by one rider on a given trail, 3) between different trails, etc.
  • Developed methods to calculate and output new metrics to simplify, score & zone braking based on qualities such as, level of modulation, front-rear balance, braking effectiveness, brake intensity, time spent braking, skidding, panic braking, and more, to paint a complete picture of braking performance
  • Created Key Events & Key Opportunities strategies – plots the most important braking events of each category & sections of trail where a rider can improve braking the most
  • Implemented technique to analyse the braking done beyond the apex of a corner so riders understand and can improve upon their control around turns
  • Output and store the time, location & statistics of each individual brake event for easy review or further analyses/outputs
  • Developed Brake Intensity & Modulation Zones with automatic bar graphs
  • Piloted Auto Coach feature with automatic suggestions of easy steps to improve braking on the next ride
  • Implemented brake temperature model for live monitoring of braking surface


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