My name is Matt Miller and I love mountain biking!

Me and my then teammate/first athlete, Seamus Powell

I grew up in the family business, and started building, repairing and selling bikes when I was 11 years old in Pennsylvania, USA. I started MTB racing in 2001, which led to a long pursuit at being a pro racer. After a few years struggling for my big break, I decided to go to university to study Exercise Science so I could learn how to train more effectively.

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Bikes have come a long way since 2005!

Eventually, I found I was better at learning and applying information than racing. I completed a Master’s in Exercise Science and was president of the Graduate Exercise Science Club. The faculty even offered me a position as manager of the Human Performance Laboratory.

Around this time, I started coaching a number of athletes in XC and the new sport of Enduro MTB. My interest in the physiology of MTB pacing grew into an obsession, and in 2014 I moved to New Zealand to pursue my PhD focused on researching MTB descending performance.

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I’ve been very fortunate to have support from Giant, both in the USA during my racing and in NZ during my research!

During my PhD, I invented the world’s first brake power meter, and I have spent the last several years trying to understand everything about braking during MTB. Now we’re bringing it to the people, and it’s super exciting! 🙂

dirt rag article Nov 2016

I worked as a Lecturer of Applied Sports Science from 2014-2019. This job allowed me to focus on being the top MTB scientist, while at the same time patenting and researching the brake power meter.

In 2019, I shifted my focus to growing BrakeAce. BrakeAce is an automatic brake analysis and coaching software with the aim of turning the complex data into simple, actionable metrics so you can improve your riding without guesswork.

I still ride and race and coach, and love nothing more than rooty, rocky trails!


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